AC015 Battery Charger and Maintainer


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AC015 Battery Charger and Maintainer

Charge N Maintain range offers a safe and practical method for charging all your automotive and marine batteries. Simply hook them up and the charger will do the rest. The Smart Charger technology offers switchable charging stages that ensure an accurate and efficient charge for your battery. This allows longer life and better performance for your battery over extended periods of time.


  • Switch Mode Technology converts 240V power to 12V DC using electric components, unlike traditional chargers with heavy transformers.
  • It is spark-free and is protected against accidental reverse connection.
  • IP65 rated, 1.5 amp 4 Stage.
  • Safe to use while the battery is still in the vehicle.
  • Output is adjusted to suit different battery sizes for optimum charging.
  • Inter-changeable fused wiring harness for permanent installation.