Euro-rider V-sport. priced at $1390 plus orc.

Thinking of buying a scooter? What’s stopping you! Thousands of people daily commute on scooters, they are cheap to run, cheap on petrol, cheap registration costs, free parking in most cases, and you can use the bus lane. With soaring fuel costs 5 litres of petrol will give you an average fuel range of (4 stroke engines 180 to 200km)  Now that’s really cheap when you consider filling the car at 30litres for similar mileage.

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There are many factors to consider when buying a scooter, What’s best for you? Engines differ from 2 stroke to 4 stroke, the basic’s are that 4 stroke engines give better fuel economy, were as 2 stroke engines make more torque or overall power. Most 2 stroke engines are oil injected so there is no mixing the oil with the fuel, were as 4 strokes engines requires regular oil changes.

In my opinion there is no “better engine” as such, as they both have their benefits and disadvantages

2 stroke engines produce more power, cost more to buy, but cost less In servicing and generally are cheaper to run when looking at yearly costs. 4 Stroke engines are cheaper to buy, and give better fuel economy, they last longer in terms of engine component wear, but do require on going oil changes. Which makes them more expensive when looking at yearly costs, They also offer less horse power for your money when it comes to modifying them.

Overall they end up costing about the same, if you factor in fuel costs, buy price, and serving etc..

Woottons Autos  is west Auckland Piaggio dealer:  Piaggio Zip 50 is with out doubt one of the best quality scooters for around $2000 you can buy, Piaggio have spent a lot of time making sure everything fits nicely, and works well, there simple to use and easy to fix, and in general will easily handle high mileage requirements with the correct servicing,  a 12,000km service should include piston rings, drive belt, oil belt and fluid change. Always use a JASO FC oil, we recommend GRO  “global racing oil” Moto 2T full synthetic oil, which is supplied by Triumph NZ whom hold the Piaggio agency here in New Zealand, using anything else could void you warranty.

Woottons Autos is also the west Auckland dealer for SYM, PGO, DAELIM, KEEWAY, Euro rider and Solana.

We’ve been servicing scooters for over 15 years, we specialize in scooters. We  do it all. Insurance quotes, finance, helmets and clothing, sales and service. Wootton’s Autos has it all, thinking of getting more power from you scooter, no problem, we have a scooter dyno. We modify a vast range of scooter engines, kits can go for 49.8cc up to 102cc depending on the kit.