Whistler Radar Detector Range

Whistler Radar Detector RangeWhistler Radar Detector Range

We have in stock now the range of Whistler Radar Detetectors.

Priced from $120 to $499.00

With these features and more!


  • FDSR (Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection) combats false alerts caused by collision avoidance and blind spot detection systems in newer vehicles


  • TFSR (Traffic Flow Sensor Rejection) helps eliminate alerts from radar based traffic flow sensors


  • DETECTS EUROPEAN LASER GUNS Trafficpatrol XR, Reigl, Jenoptik, Laveg, Truspeed and more


  • ICON DISPLAY provides distinct visual symbols of alerts detected and engaged modes


  • Ka NARROW MODE looks only for the following Ka Frequencies: 34.0 GHz and 34.3 GHz


  • POP™ MODE DETECTION advanced speed detection capability responds to brief bursts of radar


  • 360° MAXX COVERAGE advanced speed detection capability responds to brief bursts of radar


  • 3 CITY MODES detects from front, sides, and rear


  • DIM / DARK MODES reduce the illumination of the display. When in dark mode, the display is turned off during an alert then remains off for 20 more seconds before returning to its dimmer setting.


  • HIGH GAIN LENS provides increased field of view which means better range


  • TONE ALERTS provide audible alerts for bands received


  • QUIET / AUTO QUIET MODES silence audio alerts


  • ALERT PRIORITY displays most important signal when more than one is detected


  • SETTING SAVER saves personalized settings when unit is turned off


  • VEHICLE BATTERY SAVER automatically shuts off your detector if you forget to turn it off –


  • VG-2 DETECTION when engaged, alerts to VG-2 presence
  • Whistler laser-radar detectors receive laser guns that operate at a laser wavelength of 800-1000nm.
  • Whistler detectors receive the following radar frequencies:
    10.500 – 10.550 GHz X Band
    24.050 – 24.250 GHz K Band
    33.400 – 36.000 GHz SuperWideBand KaThis includes the new POP™ instant-on feature, which operates within the K and Ka bands. POP™ is a trademark of MPH Industries.


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