Repsol Moto 4T V-Twin 1ltr


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Repsol Moto 4T V-Twin 1ltr is a 20w/50 grade Mineral lubricating oil for powerful 4-stroke V-twin and liquid or air-cooled engines, most suitable for achieving
high performance with minimal wear. Formulated to perform under the most diverse weather conditions, it
withstands the high temperatures which are characteristic of this kind of twin cylinder engine, significantly
resisting evaporation. Specially recommended for long distance journeys.
• High resistance to oxidation, protecting the engine from the high temperatures typical of air-cooled VTwin models.
• Its viscosity ensures perfect lubrication in extreme conditions.
• Suitable for both motorcycles with dry and submerged clutches.
• It provides appropriate friction in clutch discs, preventing slipping and premature wear in the engine
and transmission lubrication systems (wet clutch).