LS950 Lithium Jumpstarter


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LS950 Lithium Jumpstarter is a must have companion within any vehicle, this powerful and compact Lithium Jumpstarter is capable of starting most engines up to 3.2L Diesel and 6.0L Petrol. 950A PEAK AMPS, 290A CLAMP POWER.


  • Unparalleled safety with a simple to use foolproof connection protecting the user, vehicle and jumpstarter.
  • The compact and lightweight design of the LS950 enables ease of portability with the ability to safely sit the unit on the engine while in use.
  • A powerful LED flood light with SOS function.
  • 240V and 12V cigarette lighter plug is provided enabling charging from household power point and a 12V vehicle.
  • 2.1 & 1.0A USB ports allow charging of phones and other portable devices (micro USB lead included).
  • Durable padded carry bag for easy stowage and protection.