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Electric Motor Scooter Lifan 2024 model

Introducing the Lifan LF1200DT E3 STD Electric Motor Scooter – a seamless blend of style and innovation that’s available right now. Say goodbye to rising fuel costs and embrace the world of electric mobility. Not only does this scooter offer an eye-catching design, but it also boasts an array of exceptional features that make it stand out in the electric scooter landscape.

Embrace the Future of Transportation:

Experience the freedom of electric travel and avoid the pitfalls of increasing fuel prices.
Simplified maintenance that we proudly handle in-store for your convenience.
Cutting-Edge Features:

Featuring an advanced Electronic Braking System, harness the power of regenerative braking to recover kinetic energy while you ride.
Effortless charging – simply plug into your household socket. The lightweight battery is easy to charge indoors or directly within the scooter in your garage.
Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights and a handy USB port for your convenience.
Power and Performance:

Unleash the power of the 1200w Bosch Motor, paired with a removable 60v 24ah Lithium Battery boasting a quick 6-hour charge time.
Accelerate with confidence, thanks to the Vortex Converter enhancing acceleration and starts.
Experience the impressive torque of 115nm for dynamic rides.
Ensure safety with front disc brakes and an EEC rating.
Quiet and Efficient:

Glide through town effortlessly on this ultra-quiet motor scooter, offering an eco-friendly and peaceful ride.
Accessories and More:

Complete your ride with helmets starting from $79.00.
Find wet weather gear, jackets, and gloves in-store to enhance your riding experience.
Visit Us Today:

Explore our range in person; we’re conveniently located near Bunning’s in New Lynn, offering ample parking.
Our tidy on-site workshop provides comprehensive services, repairs, tire fitting, and accident damage assistance for all scooter models.
Experience Expertise:

Our Scooter Service department caters to a wide range of makes and models, from popular brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki to various Chinese models.
With over 50 years in the automotive industry, our NZ-owned family business is a trusted name in motor scooter sales and service.
Seamless Convenience:

No motorcycle license required, just your standard car license – even a learner’s license is sufficient!
Skip the W.O.F. hassle; hop on and ride. Perfect for quick commutes and stress-free parking.
Join the Electric Movement:

Visit woottons.co.nz to explore our licensed motor vehicle trader offerings.
Find us at WOOTTONS AUTOS: Scooter Division, Sales, and Service, 3128 Great North Rd, New Lynn, Auckland, or call us at 09 8277136.
Embrace the future of urban transportation with the Lifan LF1200DT E3 STD Electric Motor Scooter.





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