Abro Rubbing Compound Paste


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Abro Rubbing Compound Paste is specially formulated with high tech abrasives to help restore the shine to dull, oxidized finishes. ABRO PC-310 Polishing Compound helps to remove swirls and fine surface scratches. ABRO PC-310 Polishing Compound smooths the finish while producing a reflective shine to the surface.

PC-310 Uses: Automotive surfaces

PC-310 Features: Cleans, restores and shines. Easy at home use.

Wash and dry car first.

Use a small amount of compound on a damp non-abrasive cloth or microfiber cloth applying heavier pressure when needed. Use even back and forth strokes, applying gentle even pressure until product is gone and continue to buff with another clean cloth to achieve desired results. Professionals use this with an electric buffer.