Lifan Electric Motor Scooter

Lifan Electric Motor Scooter

This fun E3 LF1200DT is an L1e (50cc equivalent) 1200w moped category motorcycle packed with innovative features such as its Electronic Braking System (EBS) to re-cover kinetic energy on braking and hence increase range by up to 10%. It also includes quality components such as a 92% high-efficiency Bosch motor and all LED lighting.
LED Lights, USB Port, 100% Bosch Electric, 1200W Motor, Front Disc Brakes, Lithium Battery, Regenerative Braking, Cruise Control, 360 degree visible night time lighting, Safe guard charging Port, Battery Management Protection, Vortex Convertor to boost acceleration and start.

No WOF Needed
Removable Lithium Battery
6 Hour Recharge Time
1200W Motor
LCD Smart Dashboard
Full LED Lighting

Bei­ng one of the lightest bikes in the range at 80KG, it maintains its speed with a 115NM of torque from a 60v 24amp removable Lithium battery that can be charged from a wall plug. Based on the speed selector this results in up to 120 kms range.

Come down for a look, in stock now.

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